Yoga for People living with Cancer – Blessings to my dedicated teacher Julie Friedeberger

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Yoga for People living with Cancer

I can only imagine that people living with cancer would feel after several practices of yoga,  that yoga can become their friend, anchor, a therapy or/and their lifesaver.  They will soon discover that no matter how tired they become with all their treatments and perhaps no matter how little energy they have preserved after their treatment they will experience that the one thing that would bring them relief, comfort and release will be a gentle set of therapeutic yoga asanas structured towards and for cancer patients followed by a soothing closing of deep relaxation to Yoga Nidra.

The word healing in Yoga Therapy requires a slowing down, a relaxation of tension.   For people living with cancer tension is more often held both from tightness and holding of the body and the “monkey mind” incessant worrying and forward thinking head of dreadful possibilities.

Yoga can then strengthen their bodies and deal more effectively with the uncomfortable side effect of treatment both during and after treatment.

The gentle flow and asanas for cancer patients can be so beneficial on many different levels as the asanas stimulate not only just the muscles but also increases blood flow, it is also proven to equalise the glands and encourages the lymphatic flow in the body; the combination of this enhances the body’s internal purification processes.


Seated Forward Bend
Chair Pose
Triangle Pose
Seated Twist

I met Jaz at her Ironmonger row classes and I was so impressed by her teaching style, passion and knowledge of the body (anatomy) , that I organised some private 1-2-1 classes. I have advanced cancer and have been through the mill with difficult treatments like chemo, trial drugs and now radiotherapy. Yoga with Jaz once a week has become an anchor in a sea of uncertainty. I am amazed at what I can do despite my illness, Jaz helps me realise I do have (some) control over my body and that I can always promote peace in my mind. The classes always help me to find energy I didn’t think I had, when fatigue is a major side effect. In 1-2-1 Jaz can address specific issues with how cancer affects my body and tailor make a practice suited to my needs Jaz is highly skilled, intuitive, totally professional and a pleasure to be taught by. I cannot recommend Jaz highly enough

Susan Howieson – Artist

Words of wisdom from my teacher: –

“It is also common for people undergoing treatment to feel that they have lost control over their bodies; and the need to regain a measure of control is what brings many to yoga. The first thing to understand is that most of the yoga asanas that we teach to students who are in full health will be too strenuous for most people undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment. Simple movement, however, are nurturing, energising, grounding, and life-enhancing when practised with awareness and co-ordinated with the natural breath rhythm. They help to restore one’s connection with one’ s body; one’s trust in it and affection for it; and this will support the process of acknowledging and accepting the cancer, and the changes that have taken place. Acceptance is a fundamental aspect of healing: without it is difficult to move on”.

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