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Yoga is an ancient discipline that has been passed down, over thousands of years, in a tradition of teacher to student.  There is an exchange of energy, warmth and humour in the coming together that cannot be extracted from a book.  Coming to a yoga class helps to aid your own self practice.  Yoga is a gentle way to get you back in touch with your body.  One of its greatest values is that it gives a taste of inner stillness.

I currently teach private classes for Yoga and Pilates classes in around Highbury, Islington, and the surroundering areas of Hackney.

Yin Yoga Class

Children Yoga Class

Pregnancy Yoga Class

Yoga For Cancer Class

Yoga Classes
Day Time Centre Class Level
Sunday  12.45 – 2.45

Monthly Workshop

Highbury Round House N5 1XB


Yoga All

Venue at Highbury Roundhouse Community Centre, 71 Ronald’s Road, Highbury N5 1XB

For information about the monthly workshops please click on the ‘Workshop’ tab

Pranayama – Blessings to my insightful teacher Philip Xerri, Lancaster

I use pranayama with hasta mudras (hand gestures) in most of my classes.

Prana – Life force or Vital energy
ayama – To extend to draw out

Pranayama is known as controlling the breath but it is more than that, Swami Sivananda states ‘Prana is the sum total of all the energy in the Universe’. Pranayama cultivates and channel prana through panoply of breathing exercises, it is the formal practice of controlling the breath – this lies at the heart of Yoga.

Pranayama is the fourth ‘Limb’ of yoga, through Pranayama you use the breath to affect the constellation of energy that is you body – mind.  Pranayama practices emphasis the inhalation, exhalation, the retention of breath, the rest between inhalation and exhalation and the slowing down of the breath.

As there are many approaches to the practices of asanas there are too for Pranayama, some schools of yoga immediately introduce quite forceful and complex Pranayama.  I use Pranayama with hasta mudras (hand gestures) in all of my classes, more basic ones in my shorter classes of an hour to 75 minutes and more developed practices for my longer classes up 90 minutes and over.

Words of wisdom from my teacher: –

“Pranayama stands at the very heart of Yoga, and yet, it is little understood and rarely taught at any depth in Yoga classes.  Developing personal practices are crucial not only for one’s own progress and understanding, but also to become ‘comfortable’ and confident with Pranayamas.

These progressive practices also aim at a wider, holistic development of the whole being – physical, vital, emotional, mental and spiritual.  This is achieved through various practices that alter the dynamics of the breath; retention and flow of the breath; rhythm and ratio.  These practices also address the development inter relationship of prana and apana”.

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