Forthcoming Workshop

When:-  26th May 2019
Time:- 12.45pm –  2.4pm  A Restorative Practice
Where:- Highbury Roundhouse, 71 Ronalds Road  Highbury N5 1XB
Investment:- £15 if booked and paid for before 1st May thereafter £20. This event must be pre booked.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. ― Oscar Wilde

Like me and many other people struggle some or most of their lives with trying to be who they are expected to be. Within that journey they always try to please others or tried so hard not to do anything to be judged harshly.

In the end, if we start the process of self-acceptance and embrace who we really are perhaps we would have realised that we have been living a life not true to ourselves; and then the journey of self-discovery begin…

In this workshop we shall be doing deep restortaive postures that allows us to hold our postures and to  rest and release.  We shall also be using affirmations as Mantras to reconnect with our inner unchanging self with small groups having private discussions on what our relationship is with ourselves.  Remember that this is a safe space and what is said in all our workshops remains confidential. Come along and join us.

Each month I give one place on my workshop free of charge and one/or 50% off. These are reserved for people who are in need, who maybe be ill or in need of space and relaxation usually they are people from my Cancer group.  The 50% is a concession if you are out off work or have limited funds.  Please drop me a line at I believe Karma is always my compass.

Themed monthly Sunday workshops every month, dates of upcoming workshops for 2019:-

30th June 12.45pm – 2.45pm

28th July 12.45pm – 2.45pm

29th September 12.45pm – 2.45pm

27th October  4pm -6pm – By Candle Light

24th November  4pm -6pm – By Candle Light

15th December   4pm -6pm – By Candle Light

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