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From The Womb II

Our relationships with our Mothers are special even as a child growing up we may have felt nagged, picked on or even criticised by our Mothers, still are relationships are special. The bond for many of us will never be broken whether or not our Mothers are still with us or has past on.


As this workshop falls on Mother’s Day, which means many of us as daughters and sons shall be going to spend time in conversation with our Mothers, whether in person or over the phone. But for some of us, however we try to avoid that conversation even on Mother’s Day; wondering how to have better conversations with our Mothers.


Our relationship with ours Mothers form the Woman, man, wife, husband, mum and dad we later become…


Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.


In this workshop we shall be doing Yin postures that connects the physical body as well as the mental mind.  We shall also be using affirmations as Mantras to integrate how we process the transition to start over with a new chapter in our life, From Now On… Followed by small group private discussions on what new beginnings means to each of us on a personal level.  Remember that this is a safe space and what is said in all my workshops remains confidential so come and join us:-


When:-  Sunday 22nd March 2020
Time:- 12.45 – 14.45 This is a Yin yoga Practice
Where:- Highbury Roundhouse, 71 Ronalds Road  Highbury N5 1XB
Investment:- £15



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