Who am I?
What am I?
Set aside who I am not…
What I truly am will come shining through
Then the true Seer rest in its own true nature
The Seer is the witness
The Seer is awareness
Drasthri is of the Seer
Drasthri is from ….. which is to see
The Seer is the self

~Vedanta Tantra Swami J

Seer is to know the person within. We often see ourselves with false identification and this only happens when we do not know the true person within thus we mistake the mind, body or senses for the true self.

As we get older we change physically our skin gets looser, our body shape changes, our eyesight fades our senses become less sharper… most of us start identifying ourselves with these changes, we start becoming unhappy and may experience bouts of distress over the physical changes. Patanjali describe this in the Yoga Sutras 11.6 as Asmita or false identification, it is sometimes translated as “ego”.

Asmita is the second of five afflictions of the mind or Klesas outlined in the second chapter of the Yoga Sutras. According to Patanjali when we start identifying with parts of yourself that has changed an example of which can be: – change in the body, change in status, house, job, car basically every thing from your mind and body. Seer means to go within you that doesn’t change – recognising that your true self who you are at your core is unchanging.

Seer Yoga is a nurturing practice to encourage your relationship with your self to get to know the real you, connecting with the self. This may be difficult at times as we battle with our demanding ever increasing thoughts also known as the Monkey Mind – as we always jump to one thought and to the next without resolution. As we struggle with issues of self-acceptance, the connection can be elusive and hard to establish. Thus the practice of cultivating feelings of gentleness with the self and patience can.

Yoga Philosophy states that the unchanging part of you is known as the “Seer” and that is how I teach from my inside out, from my true self – Seer Yoga…

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