Birthday Celebrations in Class June 2014 Testimonials
“Thank you Jaz for your spirit, your words of wisdom, your passion to learn and impart your knowledge of all the abundant workshops and training you have consistently attended; this has allow your classes in my opinion to be varied, safe, special, full of vibrant energy and most of all FUN. You teach from your heart and that resonates to me so very much. I am so thrilled to be one of your students. With heart felt love Ashmet”

yoga student

“Suck it and see. And I did – intermediate yoga with Jaz. Every time I attend your classes it is an education. You input so much passion when you teach and it is refreshing. I am an instructor, teacher and trainer and have been for years and certainly look for quality when I attend a class and you definitely have it! Carry on with you what you do and the way you do it, brilliant. Oh and I love your jazzy outfits too!”
Maria B Williams

teacher, student yoga teacher and trainer

“Thank you so much for Saturday morning yoga class which I always come with pleasure and excitement. Your positive energy and your humour make me feel really good ūüôā You are very dedicated and always come with new ideas in practice, which I love. The words of wisdom you say at the end of each practice has a big impact on me as I do think of this words, I believe in them and it changes my life and I am very grateful for this. For me this is a unique yoga class and no matter how late I go to sleep on Friday night, I always look forward to Saturday morning yoga with Jaz :)”
Cristina Citu

senior ophthalmic research nurse

“I would like to say a huge thank you for the huge amount of encouragement and bringing the joy back into my yoga practice when they say an iron fist in a velvet glove that applies to you. Over the years I have had many yoga teachers but you break the mould whilst I am contorted in some yoga poses you still manage to make me laugh and then correct my dodgy postures. Your capability of teaching all levels is a great inspiration and hopefully a friend. Your laughter knowledge and kindness and great big hugs are just part of what makes you an incredible teacher. But everyone is different and they should just experience your classes for themselves and make up their own minds.”
Amy Sinclair

legal researcher

“I have been lucky enough to be part of Jaz’s yoga & Pilates class at Swiss Cottage. To say that they have been inspirational would not be an understatement. Her words of wisdom and her knowledge of what your body and mind can achieve never fails to amaze me and most of all she always brings an abundance of love, laughter & fun to each and every session. Thank You Jaz.”
Souad Katan

yoga student

‚ÄúYou are the Bomb Jaz‚ÄĚ.
Nora Ghodsian


I met Jaz at her Ironmonger row classes and I was so impressed by her teaching style, passion and knowledge of the body (anatomy) , that I organised some private 1-2-1 classes. I have advanced cancer and have been through the mill with difficult treatments like chemo, trial drugs and now radiotherapy. Yoga with Jaz once a week has become an anchor in a sea of uncertainty.¬†¬† I am amazed at what I can do despite my illness, Jaz helps me realise I do have (some) control over my body and that I can always promote peace in my mind. The classes always help me to find energy I didn‚Äôt think I had, when fatigue is a major side effect. In 1-2-1 Jaz can address specific issues with how cancer affects my body and tailor make a practice suited to my needs Jaz is highly skilled, intuitive, totally professional and a pleasure to be taught by. I cannot recommend Jaz highly enough Susan Howieson –¬†Artist

Sue Howieson

Artist, Suzukie Howitzer

“I attend ¬†large group classes with Jaz and even though she doesn’t know me personally, I always feel like her classes are tailored just for me with the particular stretches, moves and relaxation she chooses for us to do. Her yoga somehow seems to suit what my body wants to do. I always come away from her classes feeling fantastic.”
Anna Hollingsworth

Student Medwife

…Jaz’s attentive and encouraging style of instructions ensured I was challenged & rewarded in her practice. She brings a depth of knowledge regarding not only the physical aspects of yoga but the emotional & spiritual components as well……. ¬†A great teacher. Namaste x
Vivian Protor

Programme Management

We all have our own favourite yoga teachers and mine happens to be Jaz.  She has the most wonderful attitude to all her students and is a most patient and kind and understanding teacher and person.  Her classes are a pure pleasure and I recommend her highly to anyone interested in following yoga or pilates.

Wendy Issac

Verdict on the basis of the 2 classes I’ve so far attended: I find your approach a good mix of firmness and friendliness, also you are attentive to the people there and display a sympathetic sense of humour – any torture suffered at your hands invariably seems necessary and constructive rather than gratuitous and insensitive! Anyway, the agony’s useful encouragement to do a bit more work at home.. (Wouldn’t be a lot of point if we weren’t stretched much, I guess; don’t want Pilates teachers to be too soft!)
Hope to keep it up
Gallin Hornick

I have joined Jaz’s pilates classes as a complete beginner and almost six months on I’ve become a big fan of hers. Jaz is an energetic and positive teacher and has the ability to instil a sense of trust, fun and vitality with consistency throughout all her classes. With Jaz’s help I always leave the class feeling like I’ve pushed myself slightly more and that I’ve had a great workout.
Irina Albita

Tech entrepreneur

“I miss my Sunday morning yoga classes with Jaz. They provided me with the mental and physical space to unwind and reflect from the previous week together with strength to rebuild and prepare for the coming week. They were never dull or monotonous rather we would be taken on journeys of exploration whilst moving toward attaining an intention which unravelled as the class progressed.¬† My body and soul felt reinvigorated and ready for anything.” ¬†,¬†
Christina Robinson

CRM Programme Manager , Age UK

Attended – Pilates. ‘Without neglecting classic breathing techniques & strengthening of deep abdominal muscles, Jaz brings a different approach to Pilates through use of props & isometric exercises that also effectively condition the body more generally.’


Margaret Hall

“A highly enjoyable class that is down to earth and uplifting at the same time.

A skilled teacher, Jaz brings out the best in her students with her experience, knowledge warmth and good nature. ¬†Alternatives are offered to accommodate my restricted movements and dispensed without fuss so that I always feel part of the class, with great results.”¬†

Dominique Green

Film Consultant

I wholeheartedly recommend Jaz’s yoga classes for infinitesimal reasons. She is truly a force for good in the world and her practice has seriously helped me to rehabilitate from both illness and surgery. Her positive and often no-nonsense approach breaks through the many layers of mental and physical strain that any working week can create, it leaves you feeling like a stronger person both inside and out.

‘The cosmic force is strong with this one’

Mayur Mistry 6th Form Teacher and Tutor

Mayur Mistry

6th Form Teacher and Tutor

If you have ever considered for a second whether to try Yoga or Pilates with Jaz Рcontemplate no further. Jaz is the go to guru for life changing mind and body expression.  I can personally guarantee from the first class you will be on your way to whatever your heart desires

Jane Wilford


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