Pregnancy Yoga – Blessings to my wonderful teacher Wendy Teasdill, Somerset, England

It is advisable not to practice yoga or any type of exercise until you have passed your first trimester, which is around 14 weeks. During the first trimester the body is preparing for your baby and it is a very tentative time. Mum to be usually feels tired and may suffer from morning sickness and sadly the most common time in which a miscarriage happens is during this period.

There is no evidence to show that doing Yoga or exercise in the first trimester can harm your pregnancy. But I do recommend that you don’t practice yoga for the first 3 months.

My pregnancy classes are specifically designed around the trimester of your pregnancy this will allow time to adapt the practice around the physical needs of the Mum to be and the rapidly changing cycles. Each class are safe and suitable for any Mum to be from their second trimester to delivery and equally suitable for complete beginners to more experienced practitioners.

Pregnancy Yoga can play a key role in enhancing the experience of your pregnancy and childbirth.






09.30 – 10.30

10.30 – 11.30



Mums & Babies

The Arc Centre 98 St Paul St N1 7DF

Subsided by Packington Islington Children Services 

£10 x 5 session or £3 drop in

To register or for further information please contact me on 





There are many benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy, as you baby develops and grow within your body in order to carry the extra weight you need more energy and strength; practicing yoga increases stamina and strength.  As we work through the postures they will strengthen the hips, back and shoulders. You may find that your balance is challenged and you may feel emotionally drained due to the increase in progesterone and oestrogen, to conquer this we will do postures on holding and breathing to fine tune your balance physically and emotionally.

Words of wisdom from my teacher:-

“Standing postures are beneficial during pregnancy: they increase the strength of the legs, which will give you more stamina and autonomy in labour; they help you to ‘stand your own ground’, enable you to trust your own instincts. Body awareness, known as ‘proprioception’, is dramatically increased during pregnancy, which is why pregnant women often take to yoga like a duck to water”.

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Pregnancy Yoga

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