Joseph Pilates developed this physical fitness especially for dancers in the early 20th Century.  Stott Pilates is a contemporary, anatomically based on Joseph Pilates approach.

Pilates is designed to feel like a work out and not as a therapy it is an art of controlled movements, which improves flexibility, builds strengths, develops control and endurance in the entire body.

The emphasis of Pilates is breathing, alignment and developing strength stored in the centre of the body; Joseph Pilates calls this the “Power House” and it is said once the ‘Power House” is utilised it offers a solid foundation for any movement.

The Pilates system is modified in a range of beginners, intermediate and advance. I teach beginners and intermediate mat work with props such as tubes, flexible bands, rollers, pilates balls and rings; I find this brings variety to the practice and allows the intensity that can be increased overtime as the body conditions and adapts to the exercise.

Words of Wisdom from Joseph Pilates: –

“Nothing about the pilates method is haphazard.  The reason you need to concentrate so thoroughly is so you can be in control of every aspect of every moment, the pilates methods teaches you to be in control of your body and not at its mercy”


“I have joined Jaz’s Pilates classes as a complete beginner and almost six months on I’ve become a big fan of hers. Jaz is an energetic and positive teacher and has the ability to instil a sense of trust, fun and vitality with consistency throughout all her classes. With Jaz’s help I always leave the class feeling like I’ve pushed myself slightly more and that I’ve had a great workout”.

~ Irina (Tech Entrepreneur)

“Verdict on the basis of the 2 classes I’ve so far attended: I find your approach a good mix of firmness and friendliness, also you are attentive to the people there and display a sympathetic sense of humour – any torture suffered at your hands invariably seems necessary and constructive rather than gratuitous and insensitive! Anyway, the agony’s useful encouragement to do a bit more works at home. (Wouldn’t be a lot of point if we weren’t stretched much, I guess; don’t want Pilates teachers to be too soft!). Hope to keep it up”.

~ Gallin (ESA injuries)

“Without neglecting classic breathing techniques & strengthening of deep abdominal muscles, Jaz brings a different approach to Pilates through use of props & isometric exercises that also effectively condition the body more generally”.

~  Margaret Hall (Retired former government researcher)

For more information about pilates classes in and around Highbury, please contact me.

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