Online Yoga and Pilates Classes

 I am now offering online weekly Yoga, Pilates classes and monthly workshops. Click here for more information



Practice with me in the comfort of your own home, one purchase entitles the entire household to practice with one login 



Please join us for our weekly online Yoga & Pilates classes.  Also my monthly Restorative and Yin Workshops resumes on a Sunday from Noon – 1.30pm at £10. Please click here for more information. For existing and returning students please email me to reserve your place.  If you are a new student please also email me for a quick informal chat


Yoga and Pilates is for everybody it is not about flexibility of the body but flexibility of the mind.

Online Classes

Pilates Tuesdays 1pm – 1.45pm  –  £6
Yoga Wednesdays 6pm – 7pm  –  £7.50
Weekly both Yoga & Pilates £11
Block 5 consecutive online classes 
Pilates £25
Yoga £32
Pilates & Yoga £50

Wednesday classes 6pm – 7pm

The theme for this season is the introduction to the 5 Yama’s.
The 5 Yamas describe the whole fabric of our life: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social… Each Yamas will be broken down in bitesize to relate to our lives today.
The 5 Yamas are:
Ahimsa  – Non-violence, Freedom from Harming
Satya – Truthfulness
Asteya – Non-stealing, Freedom from Stealing
Brahmacharya – Moderation
Aparigraha – Non-hoarding, Freedom from Grasping
The theme will continue for 7 weeks:-
Week 1 – Introduction to the 5 Yama’s
Week 2 – Ahimsa
Week 3 – Satya
Week 4 – Asteya
Week 5 – Brahmacharya
Week 6 – Aparigraha
Week 7 – Recap

You can join at any stage as I always do a recap at the start of each week 

Monthly Workshops 

Online Monthly workshops on Sunday at 4.30pm – 6pm @ £10

Dates for your diaries
Sunday 7th November – By Candlelight – Theme “My Dreams”
Sunday 13th December –  By Candlelight –  Theme “We have so much to be Grateful for”
If you are an NHS front line staff or carer online classes will be £3 and workshops £5


Equipment needed


This lockdown is going to be longer than we initially anticipated so it is indeed an investment to purchase general aids to assist you with your practice.  However if you are unable to purchase these aids you will still benefit from practicing using alternative equipment around your home.


7” Pilates Ball

Intermediate Loop

Intermediate Flexi Band



2 Blankets from your home

1 Belt from your home

1 bolster – Can use cushions from your home for the short term

2 Blocks – Can use books from your home for the short term

2 Bricks – Can use books from your home for the short term

Please email me if you need advice on where to purchase the above.


Zoom Prenatal Pregnancy & Mums & Baby    Yoga classes

Day – Tuesday mornings

Postnatal – 09.30 -10.30

Mum & Baby – 10.30 – 11.45 Including group chat after 11.30

Contact – Email me for further information and to book your place.

Note – Since COVID19 Bright Start from Islington Council are offering these classes free of charge. You will need to live in Islington and have an Islington address to enrol


You will need to download Zoom or open it in your browser. Thereafter I shall invite you to the online class. Please sign in 5 minutes before class begins, as I shall accept your admittance once you have signed in.

Payment via BACS or PayPal – email me for information


It is important that you complete the BWY Health Questionnaire Health as this will enable me to provide you the most appropriate modification and adjustments for your personal needs. Please complete and email back to me

Please read and familiarise yourself on the Terms & Conditions  Online Classes

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