Children Yoga – Blessings to my creative mind bobbling teacher Michelle Cheesbrough, Beccles, Suffolk Yoga is for everyone! we are never too young or old to benefit from yoga. Children yoga is a wonderful way to introduce and support children growing by increasing strength, flexibility and coordination by doing postures designed specifically for children. Schools are now supporting yoga in schools to help calm children and maintain concentration. There are many advantages for children practicing yoga:-

  • Cultivates peaceful, relaxed state of the child body and mindrsz_11img_2234
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Maintain flexibility and strengthens growing bodies
  • Teaches present moment
  • Supply tools for stress management

There are many theories to explain how children develop, they all seems to have a common principle that child development is influenced through genetic and environmental factors. My pre school classes for very young children focus on the basic introduction of yoga, children at this age are not asked to memorise or prefect their postures. Basic easy learning techniques over time for pre school children introduce them to relaxation and self-control. For ease of learning the postures are named after plants and animals; the children are then asked to imitate as I perform the basic yoga poses. Older children my classes are aimed at calming, energising, focus and concentration with specific emphasis on yoga for stretching and breath work. These practices are useful in the morning, before lunch or after lunch, before exams or at the end of the day, in short anytime to help children to improve their concentration and behaviour.

rsz_1img_2216Words of wisdom from my teacher-

“Teaching yoga to children is a way or responding to a growing need in today’s society for a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. Yoga helps children to refine and nourish what is already so beautifully present in them – ‘the energy of life’. When children learn yoga, they hold a precious knowledge and understanding that they can draw on throughout the rest of their lives. They learn how and why yoga is maintenance for their health and wellbeing. Teaching yoga to children provides a steadying a harmonising influence. It can balance hyperactive, lethargic or fidgety children. It can give all children more confidence, self control and delight in themselves” Click here to look at my link page for useful reads.

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